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Thassos island beaches

Thasos has a very good coast road running all the way around the island and providing access to even the most far-flung corners of the shore. Wherever you stop you will be able to find a quiet spot for swimming and relaxing. Explore the coastline and discover your own favourite lonely beach.



Starting at Potos where we live, let’s get to know the best beaches in the Theologos area.




First of all, Potos beach is 2km long and starts in the centre of the village. A beautiful, clean beach which attracts a lot of visitors. Well organised, with watersports, ideal for swimming and walking.




1km from Potos. With a magnificent beach, watersports and pine trees. Well organised and popular.





4km from Potos. Popular, watersports, magnificent fine white sand in and out of the water which is famous on the island for its therapeutic qualities.


Psili ammos

4km from Potos. Popular, watersports, magnificent fine white sand in and out of the water which is famous on the island for its therapeutic qualities.



5km from Potos.A clean and picturesque beach by the village of the same name.


A small beach in Astris. Rocky underwater but pure white marble shingle outside the water. Lonely and ideal for snorkelling.


A great spot for a swim under the overhanging mountains in a wild and impressive landscape.



just down the road from Livadi, the old anchorage for the convent on the cliffs above. A small beach with plenty of greenery and cold water running into the sea from the two freshwater springs here.




A clean and picturesque beach by the village of the same name.


One of the most beautiful and picturesque sites in Greece. Two small white-sand beaches, calm seas with soft sand in and out of the water, a tradition village, the ancient marble quarries, pine trees, fishing.


Agios Ioannis

A lonely beach on the site of an ancient harbour. Great historical interest. Crystal clear waters and beautiful surroundings but quite rocky in the sea.

Paradise beach
The best beach on the island, and the one which most resembles a tropical paradise. Fine white sand and shallow water surrounded by green mountains, and with waves to rival Hawaii at the first breath of wind. Ideal for children.


A long beach in green, tropical surroundings. Sand in and out of the water. Clear and shallow water.

The Theologos area has numerous other smaller beaches as well as lots of rocky coastline, ideal for lonely swimming or fishining.



there is a vast beach of pure white sand. Very wide with 
clear water. Ideal for long beach walks.

A beach of similar dimensions. Very popular, with sand and shingle in and out of the water.


A site with plenty of historical interest. The former dockyard for the old ironworks, whose chimneys are unique in the Mediterranean. The ground is littered with black ore. Houses an open-air display of stone sculptures. The beach itself is clean, white sand with some rocks under the sea.


there are three beautiful beaches with clean sand and no rocks at all.





Kalirachi and Sotiras

have very long beaches. Rather narrow, but the sea is clean and shallow. Ideal for children.


has a long stretch of beach with pine trees, fine sand inside and out, and shallow waters. Ideal for long walks.



is another beach in green surroundings with fine sand and no rocks.


We should point out that the west coast Thassos does not experience the large waves that flatten and widen the beaches in the south of the island, but generally has very shallow seas with fine sand and no rocks in the water.


beach is in a beautiful natural setting where the sea and the forest meet, and you swim with the pine trees above you. The beach is narrow but the sea is clean and shallow.


The most picturesque beach in the Limenas area, in beautiful surroundings with forest all around. Set in a pretty bay with shallow water and fine sand. Very well organised.οργάνωση.

Golden beach

Curving round a wide bay, this beach is shared by two villages: Skala Panagias at one end and Skala Potamias at the other. Long, wide and surrounded by greenery, well organised, ideal for children. Swim with Mount Ypsarion in the background.

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