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Aldebaran - Our shop

At our art store you can see and buy:

Handmade silver jewelry, Οlive wood, Mouth blouing glass, Ceramics, Nice art T-shirts, Traditional handmade Backgammon sets, Leather goods, Many others thinks will surprise you

20 years are already gone from the day of our first-time-opening, having the ambision to give a piece of our soul and our mind to this place. Tough path, in an island with a short touristic season, low touristic substructure but with a beauty which inspires, and many fanatic friends. Did we make it? Did we give all these years to the thousand of our visitors and customers a piece of the dream of our youth or we just sell things for our day‘s wage? We want to believe, that all these people leaving the island take with them not only a souvenir or a gift but a piece of our soul and our love.
We hope, wheresoever they are, their steps will bring them back some day.

You will find us in Potos on Thassos island, which is beaten by the southwinds of the winter, and then covered by the veil of the summer peace, paints its unique sunsets on the convas of the sky and the sea.

We are well-known in many visitors of the island from the gift store we run at the ground-floor of the pension. There, every day, you can meet us and talk with us.

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